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This collection entered the competition in 2013 with the aim of helping packaging industries and increasing quality in this industry.

This group is able to produce all kinds of cartons in sheets C, B, E in laminated forms with offset printing as well as cartons with flexo printing in four colors.

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Single laminated boxes are used for light weight products.

Maybe the term single is unfamiliar to you, but this term is used for the type of sheet that is made of two papers.
Single sheets are made of a substrate paper and a corrugated paper.
In the boxes that use single sheets, they are less durable than three-layer sheets.
The acceptable weight of these types of boxes is below one kilo.
Unfortunately, in recent years, in order to reduce the cost of producing boxes and cartons, these types of boxes have been used for heavier weights, which ultimately did not produce the desired box.

E flute boxes are used for products with almost medium weight.

E flute sheets are used for products with an approximate weight of less than 2 kilos.
The diameter of the E flute sheet is about 2 mm.
E flute sheet alone is used to make the box.
The production cost of E flute boxes alone is low.
Laminated E flute boxes to increase the stability of the box and also increase the beauty of the box.

C flute boxes are used for products weighing 3 to 8 kilos.

C flute three-layer box is used for all kinds of general cartons.
Most of the cartons that are produced with flexo or stereotype printing use this type of carton.
This type of cardboard has good durability if it is made of suitable dimensions and high-quality sheets.
Laminated type of this sheet is also used for products that are of good value in the market.
Most export cartons are used, such as date palm cartons, pad cartons, cucumber cartons, etc.

Five-layer carton is used for products with a weight of about 8 to 18 kilos.

Five-layer cartons are usually produced in two ways, so-called BC, which is about 5 mm thick, and EC, which is about 4 mm thick.
BC sheets have more endurance than EC sheets, but the work is less delicate.
Five-layer cardboard is used for heavy products.

Laminated cartons are used for products where the appearance of the box or carton is of particular importance to the buyer.

Laminated cartons are used for products where the appearance of the box or carton is of particular importance to the buyer.

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